Strategic Report

One precept held dear by banks today, that will carry forward almost unchanged to the future is – ‘The Customer is King’. As it does today and perhaps to a greater degree than ever in the future, evolving customer aspirations will illumine the path that banks must tread in evolving solutions for the customer of tomorrow. Indeed, the Bank’s own evolutionary path will position it to predict and be ready to fulfill needs of the future with a typically premium suite of products and services, thus delighting the customer.
As the heart is to life, the customer is to the Bank

Charting Our Course – How We Create Value

Our business model has evolved over 48 years of connecting with stakeholders, refined by experiences, aspirations and resilience to a dynamic operating environment. It seeks to deliver value to stakeholders, partnering their socio economic progress while balancing our economic, social and environmental impacts.

Our strategy, ‘The Commercial Bank Way’, focuses on our readiness to meet challenges of the future, balancing earnings, strength, stability and trust.