Strategic Report

Understand our business model and how we delivered value to stakeholders through an inclusive strategy formulating process. Glance through our financial and non-financial highlights to understand how we transformed our capitals during the year. Read the Chairman’s and Managing Director’s Reviews to gain a highlevel view of key changes to governance, strategy and a review of our performance in 2016.

About Us – Who We Are

We are the largest private sector financial services institution in Sri Lanka serving over three million customers with a team of 4,987 employees driving performance. Our network spans 12 countries connecting communities to global markets and opportunities playing a key role in the development of villages, towns and countries we operate in. The first Sri Lankan bank to be listed amongst the ‘Top 1000 Banks in the World’ in 2008, we are the only Sri Lankan bank to have been included in that prestigious group of banks consecutively for the past six years. We aspire to become a regional player in South Asia as we expand our overseas operations leveraging our expertise honed over 48 years in banking.

A Snapshot of Our Key Strengths

Our Business

Four business verticals facilitate our earnings and growth.